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 Get To Know The Groups .

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PostSubject: Get To Know The Groups .   Thu Dec 25, 2008 3:06 am

Now lets get to know what the different groups in this forum mean . Here they are explained below :

ADMIN : This group consists of the Administrator and nobody else .

MODERATORS : This group consists of Moderators who will be looking after the forum and exercising their power on some unlucky stupid guy ! But they will be helping you also whenever you need it .

NOVICE PHOTOSHOPPER : This group consists of those who have just learnt to use Photoshop . Anybody in initially put into this group . From here you go to the "Adept Photoshopper" group as you learn more and more about Photoshop . This will be done by the Administrator of the forum .

ADEPT PHOTOSHOPPER : This is a stage intermediate to the Novice and the Expert group . When you get promoted from the "Novice Photoshopper" group . This will be done when you have released a considerable number of guides of your own ! The contests will also play a part in your promotions as you go on winning them .

EXPERT PHOTOSHOPPER : This is the final stage in your learning . You are expected to show professionalism when you reach this stage . This stage can be reached only after you reach the "Adept Photoshopper" group first . When you are in this group , try helping the Novice and Adept Photoshoppers because they will be knowing less and expecting you to teach them !

If any new member wants to join the "Novice Photoshopper" group , do mention it when you introduce yourself in the "Introductions" section .
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Get To Know The Groups .
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